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Beaux livres

Beaux livres
Les beaux livres de Quae ne se veulent pas des livres de photographies, que l'on feuillette pour les abandonner rapidement sur une table, mais de beaux ouvrages avec du contenu original richement illustré. Par leur structuration en plusieurs niveaux de lecture (texte courant, textes en marge, encadrés et légendes des photos), ces livres intéressent des publics variés, du plus futile au plus exigeant.

Portraits of Spiders

Portraits of Spiders

C. Rollard, C. Villani, P. Blanchot

Edition 2014

Have you already taken the time to observe these eight-legged creatures, so fascinating in their way of life that they deserve more than the fear they so often inspire. Anyone with a curious nature can go into this silky universe here and its unusual features - appearance, hunting techniques, caring for the young and the ability of spiders to produce this silk so coveted by the biotechnologies. This sublimely illustrated work unveils delightful portraits of spiders in an approach that is both scientific and artistic. Let yourself be guided as you turn the pages on a walk in France and in Europe above all, that even takes in the smallest crannies in your houses!

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