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Fishing. Aquatic and aquacultural resources

Mémento de planctonologie marine

Notebook on marine planktonology

J. d'Elbée

Edition 2016

This work, unrivalled in the French-language, provides readers with an overview of the entire marine plankton ecosystem. It explains how the pelagic environment works, the methods used to study plankton, its biology, the biodiversity and ecology of plankton and addresses how human activity is interfering with marine plankton. Physical, chemical and biological processes are explained with concrete examples supported by figures. The book’s many original illustrations facilitate comprehension.

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Can man accept his limitations?

Can man accept his limitations?

G. Boeuf, B. Swynghedauw, J. Toussaint, S. Royal

Edition 2017

The effects of climate change are juxtaposed with the direct damage to the environment, for all living species. Are we going to be able to react in time? In the continuity of the work "Can man adapt to himself?", the most renowned French scientific experts give their opinions on our adaptation capacities and limitations in relation to current and future global changes. Among the main resistance factors, biological factors are considered in the same light as demographic, economic, social and psychological conditions. The positioning of the human species in its ecosystems is the question raised.

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