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Que serions-nous sans eux ?

Que serions-nous sans eux ?

Les microbes de notre quotidien

M. Naïtali

Edition 2018

Bactéries, virus, levures, champignons et autres microorganismes… Souvent indispensables, parfois indésirables, les microbes nous entourent et nous habitent. Sans que nous le sachions toujours, notre cohabitation avec eux s’illustre à travers notre quotidien, de la confection de nos aliments jusqu’à la médecine légale. Cet ouvrage fait découvrir au grand public les 1001 fonctions des microbes.

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Une petite histoire de l'alimentation francaise

A short history of French food

V. Bellemain, K. Boquet, T. Galichet, K. Gouello, A. Martin, D. Nairaud, J. Poulain

Edition 2017

To mark its 30th anniversary, the National Food Council interviewed the players who have contributed to its history. Some opted to write a reflective account of their experience. Others produced a theoretical assessment of their disciplines. These different angles of approach identify what makes heritage and the contribution of the National Food Council to the public food policies and actions.


You can download the ePub either consult the directly on-line interactive frieze.

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Faut-il sentir bon pour seduire ?

Is Seduction Reliant on Smelling Good?

120 Keys to Understanding Smells

R. Salesse

Edition 2015

Good or bad, smells give us information constantly on our environment, move us or bring back memories. This little book proposes following what becomes of the olfactory message, from the nose to the brain, to discover how our sense of smell, the olfactory memory, works and how the odorants trigger or modulate our behaviour. 

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Egg Quality

Egg Quality

Y. Nys

Edition 2010

This special issue of the INRA Animal Production journal describes how genetics, livestock rearing, nutrition and hygiene are behind the outstanding quantitative and qualitative advances in egg production over the last thirty years.

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