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Le recyclage des résidus organiques

Recycling organic waste

A look at an agro-ecological practice

J. Paillat, S. Houot, H. Jarousseau, H. Saint-Macary

Edition 2016

The recycling of organic waste can be considered an agro-ecological practice which enhances soil fertility, reduces environmental impacts and promotes a circular economy. This book gives readers insight into the bio-geochemical processes involved in recycling organic waste and the products derived therefrom. It offers solutions for various social, economic and cultural contexts, North and South.

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Conseil privé en agriculture

Private Consulting In Agriculture

Players, Practices And Market

C. Compagnone, F. Goulet, P. Labarthe

Edition 2015

Private agricultural advisors have become key players. Based on survey work, this book analyses the strategies and practices of these private operators in different social and geographic contexts. It compares the reestablishment of the consulting sector in France to that of other European countries.

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Conseil et developpement en agriculture

Conseil et developpement en agriculture

B. Lémery, C. Auricoste, C. Compagnone

Edition 2009

Cet ouvrage s’intéresse aux nouvelles pratiques dans le développement agricole et dans l’exercice du conseil en agriculture.

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