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Bio economy challenges and implementation: the european research organisations perspective

Bioeconomy challenges and implementation: the European research organisations’ perspective

E. Valceschini, P. Bergeret , U. Svedin

Edition 2018

This book focuses on opportunities and challenges in implementing a bioeconomy strategy from a research and education perspective. It draws on contributions presented during the 30th EURAGRI annual conference held in Tartu (Estonia) in September 2016, as well as on other workshops organised as part of EURAGRI.



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La construction sociale des bassins de production agricole

The social construction of agricultural production areas

F. Sarrazin

Edition 2016

This economic sociology book is intended for agricultural professionals engaged in the development of their production area. It provides the analytical and diagnostic tools needed to conduct a field study by taking a step back from the sector and developing a new approach to the land. It also provides food for thought on coordination factors and cooperation ties and offers a very practical analysis grid.

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Cooperations, territoires et entreprises

Cooperations, territoires et entreprises

J. Muchnik, C. Fourcade, R. Treillon

Edition 2010

The Cota, territorialised food-processing cooperation partnerships, are made up of groups of SME which apply pioneering collective strategies to improve their competitiveness by using the region as a decisive variable.

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