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Vivons plus vieux en bonne santé !

Living longer and in good health!

Everyday advice to remain healthy

S. Cousin , V. Coxam , J. Lecerf

Edition 2017

This book is not a collection of miracle recipes to achieve eternal youth but rather taps the knowledge of fifteen experts interviewed by a health journalist under the coordination of a doctor of physiology. It sifts through the most recent studies and deconstructs many of the myths about diet, physical activity, the brain, pain, depression ... providing a wealth of essential information and very practical advice to help get one through old age in good health.

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Food Structure and Nutritional Effects

Food Structure and Nutritional Effects

A. Fardet, I. Souchon, D. Dupont

Edition 2013

This book sets out a state of the art on the influence of physical and physical-chemical characteristics of the food matrix on its digestive and metabolic future. The authors analyse their effects on the health of nutrients by considering macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients and fibres. It is no longer question of envisaging nutrition from a qualitative, not just quantitative perspective involving notions of nutrients interacting in the matrix, enzyme bioaccessibility and digestive bioavailability.

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