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Les amphibiens de france

Amphibians of France

Guide to identifying eggs and larvae

C. Miaud, J. Muratet

Edition 2018

This guide assists in identifying laying patterns, larvae and tadpoles of amphibians in metropolitan France. It is based on simple morphological criteria that can be used in the field. It is designed for naturalists and any professional likely to be involved in taking inventories or monitoring populations of amphibians.


Année de première publication : 2004

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L'étonnante intelligence des oiseaux

The amazing intelligence of birds

M. Legrand, N. Emery

Edition 2017

Who are the untold geniuses of the avian world, what is it that makes them so clever and what exactly do we mean by “intelligence”?

A fascinating and superbly illustrated exploration of birds’ intelligence, in all its forms: spatial and relational memory, ability to use tools, recognition of self and companions, etc.

This exploration reveals how modern science explodes the myth of our feathered friends’ “bird brains” and reveals a different take on the concept of intelligence.

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Les tortues marines

Sea Turtles

70 clés pour comprendre

J. Bourjea, H. Sauvignet, S. Ciccione

Edition 2017

Marine turtles, these emblematic and mysterious reptiles. What is known about them? How many species are there around the world? How do they live? How do they reproduce? Why do they come back to lay their eggs on the very beach where they were born? How do they manage to get back there?

Through 100 richly illustrated questions, interspersed with a variety of historical and literary anecdotes, this guidebook invites you to learn a little more about the mysterious lives of these tireless wanderers!

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Grenouilles, crapauds et Cie

Frogs, Toads & Co.

Tell me all about Anura ...

F. Serre Collet, M. Giraud

Edition 2017

This book presents the 27 species and hybrids of frogs, toads, tree frogs, etc. resident in France, giving an insight into their biology and their curious habits in over 300 magnificent photos taken in their natural environment. Discover the outstanding morphology and behavioural techniques which these amphibians use to eat, breathe, move, hide, help their offspring or optimize their chances of survival. Follow the various phases of their love lives, an astonishing saga that is at once both hilarious and tragic.

Through her patient observations, the author shares with us the unusual beauty of these creatures which represent symbols and beliefs.

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Fascinantes araignées

Fascinating spiders

C. Rollard, P. Blanchot, C. Villani, E. Villemin

Edition 2017

For all Nature-lovers, this book takes us on a journey through a silky universe populated by creatures of unsuspected diversity in terms of their appearance, their hunting techniques, their childcare and their capacity to produce the silk so coveted by biotechnologists. Ensuring ecological balance as formidable predators, spiders form an essential link in the food chain. And are they truly dangerous for us humans? Taking an approach that is at one and the same time both scientific and artistic, this finely illustrated work comes up with some beautiful portraits of spiders.

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Un ocean de promesses

A challenge for the planet

Discover how they’re already transforming our daily lives

P. Goulletquer, A. Joseph, P. Poupon

Edition 2017

“Transforming lives while preserving the planet” is the aim of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), the global framework for action adopted by all UN member states in September 2015. A critical analysis of each of these objectives, their interactions as well as the contradictions inherent in them.


Consult Philippe Poupon 's foreword

17,00 €
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La biodiversité : avec ou sans l’homme ?

Biodiversity: with or without man?

Reflections of an ecologist on protecting nature in France.

C. Lévêque

Edition 2017

Contrary to certain perceived ideas, man has not destroyed the biological diversity in Metropolitan France but has transformed and enriched it. Deforestation, agriculture, developments of water courses and wetlands and introductions of species have created artificial environments, managed for our varied uses. Up to what point can we control the dynamics of this nature, subject to a variety of constraints such as new agricultural practices, urbanisation and global warming? Is not the biodiversity governed as much by the expectation of citizens as by scientific ecology?

Avec le parrainage de l'Académie d'agriculture de France

20,00 €
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Étonnants envahisseurs

Astonishing invaders

These species from elsewhere

V. Albouy

Edition 2017

Asian hornet, slipper limpet, zebra mussel, Colorado beetle, Dutch elm disease, Siberian chipmunk, Japanese knotweed, rose-ringed parakeet, primrose willow, African sacred ibis, coypu, etc. What are these exotic invasive species? How did they arrive among us and what happens when they are here? Do we know whether these invasive species can also constitute resources for other species and even be beneficial to human activities? In the style of a captivating survey using many examples, this book provides access to all the scientific explanations on these invasion phenomena.

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Les sols et la vie souterraine

Soils and underground life

Major agro-ecological challenges

J. Briat, D. Job

Edition 2017

Soil composition, functioning and health are influenced by the physical and chemical properties of soils, interactions between plants, soil-dwelling micro-organisms and fauna. This work presents recent advances in this knowledge to support and encourage the development of agro-ecological practices.

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La loire fluviale et estuarienne

The Loire, river and estuary

A changing environment

F. Moatar, N. Dupont

Edition 2016

This book is a synthesis of twenty years of work under the Loire Grandeur Nature Plan. It describes the current body of knowledge on the functioning of the fluvial-estuary Loire River system, the effects of human activities and efforts made to maintain a lasting balance.

45,00 €
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