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Remarkable Floods in France
Animal Behaviour, Conduct and Welfare
Les végétaux
Faut-il travailler le sol ?
Repenser l'économie rurale
Energy, Driving Progress?
Portraits of Spiders
The War of Watts
Crop Diversification
Animal and Human Reproduction
Giants of the Deep
Reducing Nitrogen Losses in Livestock Rearing
Le  renouveau des systèmes d'information sur les marchés agricoles dans les pays en développement
Ecologisation des politiques publiques et des pratiques agricoles
Corsican Coastal Waters
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Adapting to Climate Change
Research into adapting to climate change is an emerging theme. How can we protect the biodiversity and ecosystems? How can we increase food production whilst limiting greenhouse gas emissions? How can we survive in traditional societies? What does the future hold for agriculture, forestry and fishing? What will become of our territories? This book is written by a community of scientific experts and offers a first summary of research into this field.

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Du 21 février au 1er mars 2014, Quae exposera ses ouvrages au Salon international de l'agriculture, Parc des expositions de Paris (Porte de Versailles). La thématique de l'année 2015 es...

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