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Le changement climatique
Anatomie du bois
Conseil privé en agriculture
Présures et coagulants de substitution
Marine Birds
Oiseaux et changement global
The War of Watts
Quel est le meilleur chocolat ?
Le pouvoir de la biodiversité
Abeilles et paysage
Restoring Nature to Mitigate the Impacts of Development
Les legumineuses pour des systemes agricoles et alimentaires
Les insectes. histoires insolites
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Climate Change
How is climate change going to influence our day-to-day life? More alcoholic wines, greener dishes with less protein, creepy crawlies on the menu, more farmed fish in our trolleys, new tourist destinations, revolutionary transport, a changing landscape and a thermometer that goes off the scale, especially in the cities. Our day-to-day life should be very different in 2050! Written in a simple style that everyone can follow, without doom and gloom or denial, this book may well surprise you.

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