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Sélection de Noël

En quête d'idées cadeaux ? Découvrez notre sélection de livres spéciale Noël !

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De l'œnologie à la viticulture

From winemaking to viticulture

A. Carbonneau , J. Escudier , P. Mauguin

Edition 2017

A richly illustrated book giving a complete overview of viticulture and wine: growing conditions of vines, wine components and microbiology, winemaking methods, processing and bottling of wine, the wine production sector in France, wine tasting and sensory analysis and other vine products. Special attention is paid to high-end products (Champagne, Cognac), wine and cooking, wine-producing countries, wine consumption around the world and in France and the health benefits of wine.

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Fascinantes araignées

Fascinating spiders

C. Rollard, P. Blanchot, C. Villani, E. Villemin

Edition 2017

For all Nature-lovers, this book takes us on a journey through a silky universe populated by creatures of unsuspected diversity in terms of their appearance, their hunting techniques, their childcare and their capacity to produce the silk so coveted by biotechnologists. Ensuring ecological balance as formidable predators, spiders form an essential link in the food chain. And are they truly dangerous for us humans? Taking an approach that is at one and the same time both scientific and artistic, this finely illustrated work comes up with some beautiful portraits of spiders.

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Les perturbateurs endocriniens

Endocrine disruptors

How do they affect our health on a daily basis?

D. Caro , R. Slama , M. Cymes

Edition 2017

Endocrine disruptors are found everywhere in your environment: how can they be identified on your plate, in your bathroom, in your house or at your place of work? How can you get a “fair” and “reasonable” idea of the potential repercussions these mysterious pollutants could have on your everyday life? A journalist doctor and an environmental and health researcher supply the keys to achieve this and offer practical and simple advice on how to protect yourself.

Consult Michel Cymes' foreword

17,00 €
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Le temps des robots est-il venu ?

Has the time of the robots come?

Discover how they’re already transforming our daily lives

J. Braly , J. Ganascia

Edition 2017

“A robot in every home”. That is what Bill Gates is predicting for the not-too-distant future! But where exactly do they come from, these robots which are increasingly beginning to play a role in our daily lives? Housework, transport, leisure, care ... which areas have already become the robots’ domain? Do they perform better than humans? Employment, security, human relations ...: might they just turn out to be dangerous? And looking into the future, just how far will they go? All questions for which this book has answers, based on interviews with renowned roboticists and computer scientists ...

19,50 €
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Vivons la ville autrement

A new way to inhabit our cities

Sustainable cities that are great places to live

L. Estival, M. Musy, P. Picq

Edition 2017

Will cities of the future seem like Paradise on Earth, ensuring well-being and good health for all city dwellers? It may sound like a surprising question. And yet from Zurich to Tokyo, via Nantes or Lyon, researchers, businesses and ordinary citizens are working together to invent metropolises of the future that will be great places to live... With the help of around a dozen experts, this book – which takes neither a rashly ecological nor a blindly technical standpoint – explores current changes by pointing out advances as well as limitations.

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En finir avec les idées reçues sur la vulgarisation scientifique

Enough said about the perceived ideas on scientific extension

N. Beck , M. Vidard

Edition 2017

Researchers often have perceived ideas on scientific culture, which is apparently not especially useful and wastes their time. But what if the opposite was true? The author suggests that scientists familiarise themselves with the scientific extension concepts and tools to avoid envisaging their research further without discussion moments with society.

Consult Mathieu Vidard's foreword

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