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Agriculture and crop production

Les legumineuses pour des systemes agricoles et alimentaires

Legumes for Sustainable Agricultural and Food Systems

A. Schneider, C. Huyghe

Edition 2015

What do we know about inputs and potential of legumes in terms of the sustainability of agricultural and food systems? How can they be used to reduce the damage and maximise the benefits for the environment, agriculture and man? This reference work fuels the reflection on protein sources, nitrogen management in France and the relationship between legumes and sustainability.

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Des drones à tout faire !

Drones to do everything?

Changes they will make in our daily lives

I. Bellin , S. Labbé, M. Polacco

Edition 2016

2050. By now you are used to seeing drones flying overhead, both in the city and the countryside: An ambulance drone rushing a defibrillator to a patient, a pollinator drone ... Science fiction? Not really. Drone specialists, coordinated by a scientist, have joined forces with a reporter to give us a glimpse of the future of civilian drone aviation. Learn how these new generation flying machines may gradually make their way into your daily life, and not necessarily in the way you might expect.

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But what is this Policeman Doing in my Garden?

But what is this Policeman Doing in my Garden?

One Hundred Keys to understanding the Small Creatures in the Garden

P. Leraut

Edition 2014

What are these small creatures doing as they run, crawl, dig and fly in my garden? Are they harmful or beneficial? Where do they come from and why are they weaving through our vegetables and flowers as soon as our backs are turned? Should we destroy or attract them? One hundred questions and answers that are both relevant and entertaining for anyone - simple gardeners, horticulturists or naturalists - who enjoys observing, finding out and understanding everything about these small inhabitants of the garden and vegetable plot. More than a hundred species including snails, slugs, centipedes, worms, spiders, butterflies and hornets are described with humour and poetry.

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