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Animal rearing and production

Les legumineuses pour des systemes agricoles et alimentaires

Legumes for Sustainable Agricultural and Food Systems

A. Schneider, C. Huyghe

Edition 2015

What do we know about inputs and potential of legumes in terms of the sustainability of agricultural and food systems? How can they be used to reduce the damage and maximise the benefits for the environment, agriculture and man? This reference work fuels the reflection on protein sources, nitrogen management in France and the relationship between legumes and sustainability.

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Les maladies emergentes

Emerging diseases

Zika AIDS, Chikungunya ... Understanding these infections and everyday prevention

J. Braly , Y. Yazdanpanah, Y. Lévy

Edition 2016

Zika, A/H1N1 influenza, Chikungunya, SARS, Ebola ... We are being hit hard by the emergence or reemergence of a great many infectious diseases. What is the cause of this phenomenon? Could our modern lifestyle have something to do with it? In the light of the major epidemics that humanity has faced to date, what should we be preparing for in the future? What weapons do we have to protect ourselves? What is research doing?

This book provides clear answers to many very specific questions, validated by renowned infectious disease specialists and written in an accessible style.

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