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Administrer la nature

Administrer  la nature

Le parc national de la Vanoise

Adel Selmi

Edition 2006

Administrer la nature

An anthropological survey of the Vanoise National Park, a study of naturalist knowledge and practice.

isbn :  978-2-7592-0003-0
Release :  13/11/2006
Nb of pages :  502
Reference : 02003
Language : French
Editor :  Quae
Co-editor :  MSH
Collection : 
Natures sociales

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This book analyses the global visions that the various social players involved in national park management build through their practical, cognitive and symbolic interrelations with natural objects (plants, animals, natural habitats and landscapes) and with each other, centring on those objects. By retracing the main stages of the park’s—as yet incomplete—construction, its historical evolution, how the institution functions and the knowledge and skills required for its management, this research project constitutes a major contribution to the study of the construction and functioning of nature conservation and biodiversity management structures.