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Référentiel pédologique 2008

Référentiel pédologique 2008

Référentiel pédologique 2008

The entirely reworked, supplemented 2008 edition of the Référentiel pédologique serves to name soil types and link them to a comprehensive reference base. It is an irreplaceable tool for establishing correlations and conveying information.

isbn :  978-2-7592-0185-3
Release :  24/02/2009
Nb of pages :  423
Reference : 02107
Language : French
Editor :  Quae
Collection : 
Savoir faire

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The Référentiel pédologique is a detailed typology of soils in France, Europe, Africa and other continents. The new edition, which has been entirely reworked, contains three new chapters covering solums in intertropical zones and their specific reference horizons, and two new tools: a rapid access key to the different chapters and an annexe of the possible correspondences between the references in the Référentiel pédologique and the categories in the World Reference Base for Soil Resources. The Référentiel pédologique has been tried and tested in the field for some fifteen years now, and has become indispensable. It was designed to be accessible to non-specialists with some knowledge of the basic vocabulary of soil science, and is indispensable to anyone wanting to take account of the diversity of soil types.