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Nos aliments sont-ils dangereux ?

Are our Foods Dangerous?

60 clés pour comprendre notre alimentation

Pierre Feillet

Edition 2011

Are our Foods Dangerous?
Sixty keys to understanding our food

Should pesticides and additives be banned? Do GMO threaten the biodiversity? What should we think of organic foods? Will we be able to feed the world in 2050? Are biofuels leading us to famine? Sixty questions for which the author gives you the key to understanding the "food system" better - starting in the fields and ending in our bodies.

isbn :  978-2-7592-1666-6
Release :  21/12/2011
Nb of pages :  240
Format : 13,5 x 21
Reference : 02279
Language : French
Editor :  Quae
Collection : 
Clés pour comprendre

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This book proposes to respond to sixty questions and answers to inform, explain, guide, clarify, warn, reassure, etc. to take stock of our food. It provides short, clear and well-documented answers to shed light on the multiple facets of the system which helps feed the inhabitants of the planet: the agricultural, technical, economic and health aspects of today.

The food of the future has not been forgotten, through scientific changes and techniques in progress which can potentially be achieved. Are foods dangerous? What has happened to the mad cows? Do preserves contain vitamins? Should pesticides and additives be banned? Are the pleasures of the table going to disappear? And more. All questions we ask ourselves every day, with answers provided by the author, a food specialist.

Prix et récompenses

Prix Raoul Baron décerné par l'Académie Vétérinaire de France, le 6 décembre 2012 à Paris.


Prix TerrEthique des Lycéens décerné par l’association TerrEthique le 14 mai 2013 à Paris. Visonnez la remise du prix 


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