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Pour une alimentation durable

For Sustainable Food

Réflexion stratégique duALIne

Nicolas Bricas

Editorial coordination by,

Marie Russel

Editorial coordination by,

Catherine Esnouf

Editorial coordination by
Edition 2011

For Sustainable Food
Strategic thinking duALIne

INRA and CIRAD have summarised the strategic thinking for sustainable food in developed and developing countries.  The convening of public and private players and of researchers has produced an inventory of knowledge on the key points in food, in relation to its impacts on the environment, health, the economy and society, in a context of global change.

isbn :  978-2-7592-1670-3
Release :  01/01/2011
Nb of pages :  288
Format : 14,5 x 21
Reference : 02288
Language : French
Editor :  Quae
Collection : 
Matière à débattre et décider

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How to feed the world today and in the long-term demographics of the 21st century?

Rarely addressed in terms of their sustainability, the world food systems have for the moment made discussions on the challenges for agriculture a priority. Sustainable food is nevertheless without question a major topic for the years to come.

INRA and CIRAD have assembled the French-speaking experts in the sector to investigate the changing trends in world food systems, in relation to their effects on the environment, health, social equity and the economy.

Through inputs chosen for their links and potential impacts on food sustainability, discussions within duALIne  have produced an inventory of major decisive factors that have dominated past changes in food systems, identified the critical points of these systems and, lastly, highlighted questions to research for future programmes.

This book will be of interest to policymakers and all stakeholders in the food sector.