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Et si l’agriculture sauvait l’Afrique ?

And if Agriculture Saved Africa?

Hervé Bichat

Edition 2012

And if Agriculture Saved Africa?

Africais in deep crisis today. And yet it has an asset - its millions of farmers. Agriculture could save Africa, provided that land is given priority and that agricultural policies are long term with a regional focus.

isbn :  978-2-7592-1698-7
Release :  13/02/2012
Nb of pages :  160
Format : 12 x 19
Reference : 02295
Language : French
Editor :  Quae
Collection : 

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The dominant economic thinking these days is incapable of taking the deep undercurrents in African agriculture into account. And yet, history has demonstrated that there is no development without dynamic agriculture.

No agriculture in the world has prospered without long-term stability, a certain degree of protection and attention paid to the organisation of markets. Give African farmers time to invent a future for themselves, reform the land in priority and conduct regional agricultural policies - agriculture will save Africa given these conditions.