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Faut-il sentir bon pour séduire ?

Faut-il sentir bon pour seduire ?

120 clés pour comprendre les odeurs

Roland Salesse

Edition 2015

Is Seduction Reliant on Smelling Good?
120 Keys to Understanding Smells

Good or bad, smells give us information constantly on our environment, move us or bring back memories. This little book proposes following what becomes of the olfactory message, from the nose to the brain, to discover how our sense of smell, the olfactory memory, works and how the odorants trigger or modulate our behaviour. 

isbn :  9782759222759
Release :  27/01/2015
Nb of pages :  200
Reference : 02469
Language : French
Editor :  Quae
Collection : 
Clés pour comprendre

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