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Décider de ne pas décider

Décider de ne pas décider

Pourquoi tant de blocages ?

Michel Claessens

Edition 2016

Deciding not to decide
What makes it so difficult?

More and more frequently, in politics and in science and technology, we no longer take decisions or there are no decisions to take. Nuclear energy, climate change, GMOs... all areas where we fail to take decisions and where sometimes they can no longer be taken.

Several types of non-decisions are presented in this small book. In some cases they are a way (often trivial) of actually taking a decision. In others they are the result of mechanisms in which new globalised technologies play an essential role and ensure their deployment at all levels of society.

isbn :  978-2-7592-2541-5
Release :  03/10/2016
Nb of pages :  132
Format : 12 x 19 cm
Reference : 02553
Language : French
Editor :  Quae
Collection : 

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After In Praise of Incompetence, the author revisits another topic which is familiar to all of us: decision making, or more exactly, the lack thereof. In many fields, indeed, non-decision-makers are in control. Is it because we are lazy or lacking courage, or is it a mere consequence of the fact that everything is increasingly complex?

Everywhere, it seems to be a major trend. In politics as well as in science and technology, no decisions are taken or there is nothing to decide. Nuclear energy, climate change or genetically-modified organisms—these are just a few areas that are increasingly affected.

Three types of non-decisions are presented in this book. Some non-decisions are just a kind of decision, albeit peculiar and rather trivial; others, by contrast, are the result of specific mechanisms in which new and global technology plays a key role and contributes to their expansion in our society. This excursion into the country of blockages and laissez faire will lead us to discover a yet unknown face of technology.


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