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Grands barrages et habitants

Grands barrages et habitants

Les risques sociaux du développement

Grands barrages et habitants
The Social Risks of Development
The sustainability of large dams, seen from a social science standpoint: social aspects should no longer be sidelined in planning studies, but should form the basis for a new environmental management rationale.

isbn :  978-2-7592-0071-9
Release :  10/03/2008
Nb of pages :  336
Reference : 02078
Language : French
Editor :  Quae
Co-editor :  MSH
Collection : 
Natures sociales

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After a century in which building large-scale amenities was seen as the main way of satisfying human requirements, civil society is beginning to ask new questions. The ecological damage, increased poverty among local populations and the economic failure of the projects themselves have sometimes come in for criticism. This book was written by a group of social science researchers with a shared hunch: at the heart of the unease about large-scale amenities, there is one group of players—local inhabitants—that has often been overlooked, if not actually badly treated. The question of whether people will be able to live in a given area, which is rarely, or only briefly, taken into account in planning studies, needs to form the basis for a new environmental management rationale.