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Le paradoxe crétois/The Cretan Paradox

by Constance Demestihas (writer), Pierre Arragon (writer), Hatem Belhouchette (writer)
december 2011
DVD video
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The cretan diet is the reference for nutritionists, yet Crete is at the top of the list for obesity and cardio-vascular diseases. In an uncertain global context, the Greek government is accused of being “disengaged”, it’ agricultural policy “archaic”. And yet some believe that Cretan agriculture has been lucky to have avoided the errors of intensification and thus know how to conserved the biodiversity holding the future. This film raises the debate over many paradoxes and confrontations between nutrition system and production system.

Publisher: IAM

Edition: 1st edition

Published: 19 december 2011

Reference DVD video: VDVD006

EAN13 DVD video: 9782853524779

Format (in mm) DVD video: [NR]

Weight (in grammes): 80 (DVD video)