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Conservation Agriculture: an Innovation that is Testing Family Farms

Cahiers Agricultures Special Issue

by Patrick Dugué (editorial coordination), Patrice Djamen Nana (editorial coordination), Guy Faure (editorial coordination), Pierre-Yves Le Gal (editorial coordination)
Collection: Hors Collection
may 2015
210 x 297 format 88 pages In stock
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Conservation agriculture is based on minimum tillage and permanent cover of the soil along with crop rotation. Why are so few family farms in the south adopting this system? This themed issue reports on the subject, by outlining the advantages and limitations of this agriculture.



Dynamiques d’adoption de l’agriculture de conservation dans les exploitations familiales : de la technique aux processus d’innovation
Dynamics of adopting conservation agriculture in family farms: from technique to innovative process

Patrick Dugué, Patrice Djamen Nana, Guy Faure, Pierre-Yves Le Gal


Études originales


Concevoir des systèmes de culture adaptés aux agricultures familiales. Le cas du semis direct dans l’État du Parana (Brésil)
Designing cropping systems adapted to smallholder farmers. The case of Conservation Agriculture in the state of Parana (Brazil)

Maria de Fatima dos Santos Ribeiro, Dacio Antonio Benassi, Bernard Triomphe


Innovation et action collective : le semis direct des cultures pluviales au Moyen Sébou (Maroc)
Innovation and collective action: direct seeding of rainfed crops in the Middle Sebou region (Morocco)

Taha Labbaci, Patrick Dugué, Hassane Kemoun, Dominique Rollin


Le technicien propose, le paysan dispose. Le cas de l’adoption des systèmes de culture sous couverture végétale au lac Alaotra, Madagascar
The technician proposes, the farmer disposes. The adoption of Conservation Agriculture (CA) in the lake Alaotra region, Madagascar

Éric Penot, Raphaël Domas, Joana Fabre, Sarra Poletti, Colomban Macdowall, Patrick Dugué, Pierre-Yves Le Gal


Processus d’innovation et recomposition des territoires agricoles : le cas du semis sous couvert végétal au nord du Cameroun
Technological innovation and land management: the effects of Direct seeding Mulchbased Cropping systems

Patrick Dugué, Jean-Paul Olina Bassala


Apports des typologies d’exploitations aux démarches de conception en agriculture de conservation : une étude de cas dans le nord du Vietnam
Exploiting farm typologies for designing conservation agriculture systems: a case study in northern Vietnam

Damien Hauswirth, Thi Sen Pham, Jacques Wery, Pablo Tittonell, Damien Jourdain, François Affholder


Agriculture de conservation et performances des exploitations agricoles en Afrique de l’Ouest
Conservation agriculture and performance of farms in West Africa

Patrice Djamen Nana, Nadine Andrieu, Ibrahima Zerbo, Yacouba Ouédraogo, Pierre-Yves Le Gal


Évaluer la durabilité de systèmes de culture en agriculture de conservation à Madagascar (région du lac Alaotra) avec MASC-Mada
Assessment of the sustainability of conservation agriculture cropping systems in Madagascar (Alaotra Lake) using MASC-Mada

Mathilde Sester, Damien Craheix, Gabriel Daudin, Ninon Sirdey, Éric Scopel, Frédérique Angevin


Évaluation participative de prototypes de systèmes de culture combinant agriculture de conservation et agriculture biologique
Participatory assessment of innovative cropping systems combining conservation agriculture and organic farming

Joséphine Peigné, Vincent Lefèvre, Damien Craheix, Frédérique Angevin, Mathieu Capitaine


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Publisher: John Libbey Eurotext

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Hors Collection

Published: 12 may 2015

Reference Booklet: F24016

EAN13 Booklet: 9782742014187

Format (in mm) Booklet: 210 x 297

Pages count Booklet: 88

Weight (in grammes): 240 (Booklet)