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The Forest

by Gérard Paillard (film / photographs)
Collection: Hors Collection
may 2010
DVD video
135 x 190 format In stock
12,00 €

Acid rain, the forgotten fear (in French and English), provides an overview of the phenomenon of acid rain throughout Europe, the only film of its kind. The Landes after the storm (in French), and Arboretum (in French) present an overview of the damage left in the wake of the storm of December 1999, from a scientific point of view. Towers in the forest (in French, English and Spanish): a study of exchanges with the atmosphere. From trees to wood (in French, English and Spanish): the use of wood as a construction material. Good health to trees (in French, English and Spanish): studies of a poplar disease. Forests have long memories (in French, English and Spanish): forest archaeologists and researchers offer us a different view of forest biodiversity. The greenhouse effect (in French and English): a very didactic explanation of this phenomenon.

Publisher: Inra

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Hors Collection

Published: 3 may 2010

Reference DVD video: VDVD004

EAN13 DVD video: 9782738012067

Format (in mm) DVD video: 135 x 190

Weight (in grammes): 100 (DVD video)