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Une histoire des serres

De l'orangerie au palais de cristal

by Yves-Marie Allain (writer)
Collection: Beaux livres
may 2010
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Nowadays in our cold or temperate climates, we can easily admire the tropical flora during visits to huge glasshouses which are a feature in certain public or private gardens. But was this always true? The author traces this human quest, on-going since the early 17th century, to enjoy the pleasure of possessing and contemplating these strange plants from "torrid zones". How could these plants be protected, incapable as they were of withstanding our climates? How could suitable shelter - orangery, conservatory or hothouse - be built for them? For centuries, botanists, gardeners and landowners were faced with numerous challenges: advancing their knowledge of exotic plant biology, coming to terms with building materials - wood, iron, glass - and inventing new heating systems. The use of iron and cast iron, groundbreaking glass technology and development of thermosyphon heating in the 1850s would transform glasshouses into crystal palaces and puny plants into tropical forests! This long process, punctuated by all the new techniques appearing over time, is described here, from stuttering infancy in the 1600s to its peak in the 1900s.

De la protection des plantes au plaisir de la société
Serre ou orangerie ?
Le jardinier, « l'orfèvre de la terre »

1600-1820 - Abris et serres chaudes

     La recherche permanente du soleil
     Un choix restreint de matériaux

Protéger du froid
     Paillassons et couvertures
     Tan et poêle à feu

Mesurer température et hygrométrie

Les autres abris

Dans l'empire du Milieu

1820-1850 - La révolution des serres

Un nouveau regard sur le monde
     L'inventeur Jean Simon Bonnemain
     Les précurseurs anglais
     L'architecte Charles Rohault de Fleury

Le progrès technique
     Le soleil perd son pouvoir absolu
     Les verriers innovent
     Le thermosiphon s’impose

1850-1900 - Du pragmatisme au grand art

Des lieux de production

Des palais de cristal

Des œuvres architecturales

Et après ?



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Yves-Marie Allain

Language(s): French

Publisher: Éditions Quae

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Beaux livres

Published: 7 may 2010

Reference Hardback book: 02186

Reference eBook [ePub]: 02186EPB

Reference eBook [PDF]: 02186NUM

EAN13 Hardback book: 9782759206162

EAN13 eBook [ePub]: 9782759214112

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Format (in mm) Hardback book: [NR]

Pages count Hardback book: 140

Weight (in grammes): 715 (Hardback book)

Size: 34 Mo (ePub), 17 Mo (PDF)