Lectures biodiversité - Gérer la biodiversité

De la haie aux bocages Organisation, dynamique et gestion

Book 35,50 €

La biodiversite au quotidien Sustainable Development in the Light of Reality

Christian Lévêque

Book 32,50 €

Environment and Society A Sociological Analysis of the Environmental Question

Chantal Aspe, Marie Jacqué

Book 32,00 €

Tropical Perennial Crops The Economic and Ecological Challenges of Diversification

Book 50,00 €

Nature for Sale The Limits of Ecosystem Services

Virginie Maris

Book 9,50 €

Ecological Engineering Action by and/or for the Living?

Book 25,00 €

The Power of the Biodiversity Neoliberalisation of Nature in Emerging Countries

Book 35,00 €

Ecosystem services Rethinking the relationship between nature and society

Book 35,00 €

The ecology of others Anthropology and the Question of Nature

Philippe Descola

Book 9,50 €

Biodiversity: with or without man? Reflections of an ecologist on protecting nature in France.

Christian Lévêque

Book 20,00 €

A challenge for the planet Discover how they’re already transforming our daily lives

Patrick Caron, Jean-Marc Châtaigner

Book 35,00 €

Is dialogue profitable? Environment, conflicts and public participation

Cécile Blatrix, Jacques Méry

Book 35,00 €

Biodiversity A new story waiting to be written

Jacques Blondel

Book 24,00 €