Lectures biodiversité - Diversité du monde animal

Are Bats Frightened of Light? One hundred keys to understanding bats

François Prud'homme

Book 23,00 €

Birds and Humans Ecological functions and ecosystem services

Jacques Blondel, Jean-François Desmet

Book 26,00 €

Farm animal genetics Diversity and adaptation in a changing world

Book 29,00 €

Bee democracy A societal model

Thomas D. Seeley

Book 29,50 €

Insect secrets 1001 curiosities of the six-legged population

Christophe Bouget

Book 24,00 €

Amphibians up Close 60 keys to understanding them

Alain Morand

Book 19,00 €

Mammals of All Kinds 90 keys to understanding them

Patrick Haffner, Audrey Savouré-Soubelet

Book 20,00 €

Insects of the world Biodiversity, classification and keys to identifying families

Book 150,00 €

Le géant d'eau douce À la recherche du silure glane

Frédéric Santoul

Book 12,00 €

Invasions biologiques et extinctions 11 000 Years of the History of Vertebrates in France

Olivier Lorvelec, Jean-Denis Vigne, Michel Pascal

Hardback book 34,50 €

Amphibians of France Guide to identifying eggs and larvae

Claude Miaud, Jean Muratet

Book 35,00 €

Les insectes Rois de l'adaptation

Luc Passera

Hardback book 25,00 €

Where do Butterflies Spend the Winter? 100 Keys to Understanding Butterflies

Patrice Leraut

Book 19,00 €

What to do about wild ducks? Hunting, Nature and Adaptive Management

Raphaël Mathevet, Matthieu Guillemain

Book 10,00 €