Animal rearing and production / Animal production systems

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Working in the Livestock Sector Special INRA Issue Animal Productions

Booklet 26,00 €

Rearing Livestock in Warm Regions Special inra issue animal productions

Booklet 26,00 €

Le systeme alimentaire mondial Concepts and Methods, Analyses and Dynamics

Book 45,60 €

Jean-Louis Rastoin, Gérard Ghersi

Changes in livestock farming systems and in the work of farmers Cahiers Agricultures Special Issue

Booklet 26,00 €

Robustness, Rusticity, Flexibility, Plasticity, Resilience, etc. New Quality Criteria for Animals and Livestock Farming Systems

Booklet 20,00 €

Changes in Extensive Livestock Farming Systems in Rural Territories Cahiers Agricultures Special Issue

Booklet 26,00 €

Cochons d'or Questions on the Pork Industry

Book 35,50 €

Jocelyne Porcher

Comprendre l'agriculture familiale Diagnosing production systems

eBook 0,00 € (free)

Nicolas Ferraton, Isabelle Touzard

Bergers du monde

Hardback book 15,00 €

Bernard Faye

20 Years of Research in Animal Production at INRA INRA Productions animales, Special Anniversary Issue

Booklet 26,00 €

Welfare of pigs From Birth to Slaughter

Hardback book 86,20 €


eBook 0,00 € (free)

Peter David Paterson

L'elevage en mouvement Flexibility and adaptation of herbivore farms

eBook 27,99 €

Benoît Dedieu, Eduardo Chia, Bernadette Leclerc, Muriel Tichit, Charles-Henri Moulin