Animal rearing and production / Veterinary health and medicine

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Agriculture and air quality Understand, evaluate, act

Book 29,00 €

Is our Air Breathable? Separating fact from fiction about indoor and outdoor pollution

Book 19,00 €

Lise Loumé

Emergence of infectious diseases Risks and issues for societies

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Medical and veterinary entomology

Hardback book 49,00 €

You’re still carnivorous? When eating animals raises everyday questions

Book 17,00 €

Olivier Néron de Surgy

Emerging diseases Zika AIDS, Chikungunya ... Understanding these infections and everyday prevention

Book 17,00 € 5,10 € (-70%)

Jean-Philippe Braly

Émergence of infectious diseases Risks and challenges for society

Book 19,00 €

The Rabbit Biology to Breeding

Book 35,00 €

Muscle and Meat Special Inra Issue animal productions

Booklet 30,00 €

Cows and Milk Special INRA Issue Animal Productions

Booklet 30,00 €

West Nile Virus

Book 39,00 €