Agriculture and crop production / Agronomy and cropping systems

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De l'eau agricole à l'eau environnementale Resistance and Adaptation to the New Issues of water Sharing in the Mediterranean Region

Book 38,00 €

Banana Tree A Century of Technical Innovations

Book 50,00 €

André Lassoudière

Farms, Farmer Strategies and Public Policies Contributions by the Olympe Model

Book 42,00 €

Learn to Innovate in an Uncertain World Design the Future of Agriculture and Food

Book 45,00 €

Rethinking Crop Protection Innovations and transitions

Book 25,00 €

Legume Seed Pests Biology of Bruchinae and Integrated Pest Management in Africa

Book 30,40 €

New challenges facing irrigated farming? cahiers agricultures special issue

Booklet 36,00 €

The Mitidja Twenty Years On Agricultural Realities at the Gates of Algiers

eBook 25,99 €

Agriculture biologique Maîtriser la conversion et ses conséquences

Book 18,00 €

Nathalie Langlois, Vincent Gauchard

Une histoire des serres De l'orangerie au palais de cristal

Hardback book 26,40 € 7,92 € (-70%)

Yves-Marie Allain

La lutte biologique Towards new ecological balances

Book 32,50 €

Lydie Suty

Transitions vers l'agriculture biologique Practices and Support for Groundbreaking Systems

eBook 19,99 €

Comprendre l'agriculture familiale Diagnosing production systems

eBook 0,00 € (free)

Nicolas Ferraton, Isabelle Touzard

Les filières céréalières Organisation and New Challenges

Book 35,50 € 7,10 € (-80%)