Society / Ethics and epistemology

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Science In The Plural Epistemological Essay For The Involved Sciences

Book 9,50 €

Léo Coutellec

Human and Environmental Interactions Environmental Research Questions and Practices

Book 25,00 €

Modelling and Interdisciplinarity Six Disciplines Searching for Epistemology

Book 40,50 €

Expérimentation animale Entre droit et liberté

Book 8,60 €

Jean-Pierre Marguénaud

Biotechnologie, nanotechnologie, ecologie Between Science and Ideology

Book 8,60 €

Marie-Hélène Parizeau

Penser le comportement animal Contribution to a Critique of Reductionism

Book 34,50 €

Douleur animale, douleur humaine Scientific Data, Anthropological Perpectives, Ethical Questions

Book 23,00 €

Genes, pouvoirs et profits. recherche Public Research and Systems for the Production of Mendel's Knowledge for GMO

Book 55,80 €

Frédéric Thomas, Christophe Bonneuil