Illustrated key to west-paleartic genera

by Zdenek Boucek (writer), Jean-Yves Rasplus (writer)
Collection: Hors Collection
january 1991
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Pteromalids develop as parasites of various stages of other insects or spiders. They are represented in the West-Palearctic région (Europe, North Africa and part of the Middle East) by 16 subfamilies, 221 genera with 10 subgenera, and probably more than 1 000 species. Therefore, they play a major role in agriculture, forestry and nature in general.
However, knowledge of the group is rather poor and even identifications at the generic level are difficult.
This book will provide teachers, students, workers in applied entomology, crop protection, plant quarantine, with a useful tool for assessment of the ecological value of Pteromalidae and of their potential for pest control.

Synopsis 6
Préface 7
Acknowledgements 8
Introduction 9
Geographical limits 9
State of research in the area 9
Comments on systematics, names and the key , 10
Morphological terms 13
Study of the pteromalid material 15
Biology 16
Pteromalidae and biologieal control 19
Key to gênera , 22
Electronscan photographs 115
New taxa and corrections of names 129
New taxa 129
Corrections (changes) of names 134
Références 135
Index to generic names , 139

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