Collection Clés pour comprendre

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Publisher: Éditions Quae.

Clés pour comprendre (Keys to understanding) is a collection intended for the general public based on a dynamic Q&A game. Simple, cheeky or amusing questions are finally given clear, well-reasoned answers. The authors, recognised specialists, do not hesitate to mix science, humour and anecdotes.

Topical and in-depth subjects are explored in a series of questions designed to incite our curiosity about our surroundings and help us understand the world better.

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La vigne, miracle de la nature ? 70 clés pour comprendre la viticulture

Frédérique Pelsy, Didier Merdinoglu

Book 19,00 €

Mais que fait donc ce gendarme dans mon jardin ? 100 clés pour comprendre les petites bêtes du jardin

Patrice Leraut

Book 19,00 €

Les arbres grandissent-ils toute leur vie ? 60 clés pour comprendre les arbres

André Granier

Book 19,00 €

Taste, a matter of the nose? 80 facts to enhance our understanding of taste.

Loïc Briand

Book 19,00 €

Do all beers foam? Eighty key questions to understand beer

Jean-Paul Hébert, Dany Griffon

Book 23,50 €

Do bacteria look like cocktail sausages? Eighty insights to enhance our understanding of the world of bacteria

Jean-Jacques Pernelle

Book 19,00 €

Is Seduction Reliant on Smelling Good? 120 keys to understanding smells

Roland Salesse

Book 20,00 €

Animals and sex sixty keys to understanding

Matthieu Keller

Book 18,00 € 5,40 € (-70%)

Fish 60 keys to understanding them

Roland Billard, Michel Girin, Sadasivam Kaushik

Book 18,00 €

Amphibians up Close 60 keys to understanding them

Alain Morand

Book 19,00 €

Mammals of All Kinds 90 keys to understanding them

Patrick Haffner, Audrey Savouré-Soubelet

Book 20,00 €

Green tides Forty keys to understanding plants

Alain Ménesguen

Book 19,00 €

Sea Turtles 70 clés pour comprendre

Jérôme Bourjea, Hendrik Sauvignet, Stéphane Ciccione

Book 18,00 €

Plants 70 keys to understanding plants

François Couplan

Book 19,00 €

Oysters 60 keys to understanding

Marie Lescroart

Book 18,00 €

Eggs 60 keys to understanding

Florence Baron, Catherine Guérin-Dubiard, Françoise Nau

Book 19,50 €

Starfish and their cousins 80 keys to gaining a deeper understanding

Coralie Taquet, Marc Taquet

Book 20,00 €

Which Chocolate is Best? 90 keys to Understanding Chocolate

Michel Barel

Book 16,00 €

Do Soils Have Memories? Eighty Key Questions to Understand Soils

Jérôme Balesdent, Etienne Dambrine, Jean-Claude Fardeau

Book 20,00 €