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Publications of type CD-ROM

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The Power of the Tiny Germs, Friend or Foe?

CD-ROM 20,00 €

Antoine Denize, Jeannine Goacolou

Woody Species of the Sahel Graphic Identification Tool

CD-ROM 32,00 €

Pierre Bonnet, Pierre Grard, Michel Arbonnier

Sustainable Forest Management in Cameroon Towards Responsible Forestry. What the Forêts et Terroirs Project has Contributed

CD-ROM 15,24 €

Geodrisk Software to Assess Risks related to Dumping of Dredge Spoil from Maritime Harbours

CD-ROM 18,29 €

The financing of family farming in the context of liberalisation What can be the contribution of microfinance ?

CD-ROM 15,00 €

African Savannahs Changing Areas, New Challenges for Players

CD-ROM 15,00 €

Modelling Biomass Flow and Fertility Transfer Case of Animal Production Effluent Management in Réunion

CD-ROM 15,00 €

Savannahs Sustainable Management of the Peri-Amazonian Savannahs

CD-ROM 30,00 €

The Future of Perennial Crops Investment and Sustainability in the Humid Tropics

CD-ROM 15,24 €

Vegetative Propagation of Forest, Fruit and Ornamental Tree Species Third Meeting of the Sainte Catherine Group

CD-ROM 25,00 €

Food Safety Management in Developing Countries Proceedings of the CIRAD-FAO International Workshop, 11-13 December 2000, Montpellier, France

CD-ROM 15,24 €

Plantations, Research, Development 1994-2000

CD-ROM 30,00 €

Oléagineux 1972-1994

CD-ROM 30,00 €