Collection Clés pour comprendre

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Publisher: Éditions Quae.

Clés pour comprendre (Keys to understanding) is a collection intended for the general public based on a dynamic Q&A game. Simple, cheeky or amusing questions are finally given clear, well-reasoned answers. The authors, recognised specialists, do not hesitate to mix science, humour and anecdotes.

Topical and in-depth subjects are explored in a series of questions designed to incite our curiosity about our surroundings and help us understand the world better.

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Energy, Driving Progress? 120 Keys to Understanding the Energies

Paul Mathis

Book 19,00 €

Are Snakes Afraid of Crocodiles? 120 Keys to Understanding Reptiles

Luc Chazel, Muriel Chazel

Book 24,00 € 6,00 € (-75%)

Are Groundwaters Endless? Ninety Keys to Understanding Groundwaters

Jean Margat, Thierry Ruf

Book 19,90 €

Where the Mineral World Chooses its Colours? One Hundred Keys to Understanding Rocks and Minerals

Martial Caroff

Book 23,50 €

Do All Mushrooms Wear Caps? Ninety keys to understanding mushrooms

Francis Martin

Book 22,00 € 5,50 € (-75%)

Can We Live Without GMO? Sixty Keys for Understanding Plant Biotechnology

Book 19,50 €

Does Gardening Follow Fashion? Ninety Keys to Understanding Gardens

Yves-Marie Allain

Book 19,00 € 3,80 € (-80%)

Does Salt Grow in the Sun? 120 Keys to UnderStanding Salt

Pierre Laszlo

Book 19,00 € 4,75 € (-75%)

Can a toad detect an earthquake? Ninety keys to understanding earthquakes and tsunamis

Louis Géli, Hélène Géli

Book 21,00 €

Is totally organic possible? Ninety keys to understanding organic agriculture

Book 23,00 €

Are Farmed Fish Stressed? Eighty keys to Understanding Aquaculture

Michel Girin

Book 20,00 €