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Tropical timber atlas Technological characteristics and uses

Daniel Guibal, Sébastien Paradis, Jean-Claude Cerre

eBook 65,99 €

Tropical timber atlas Technological charasteristics and uses

Daniel Guibal, Jean-Claude Cerre, Sébastien Paradis

Hardback book 95,00 €

The Aleppo Pine in France Seventeen Sheets to Understand and Manage

Book 30,00 €

When the City Devours the Forest The Challenges of Energy Wood in Central Africa

Book 40,00 €

Opening up forests to the general public A recreation service

Book 38,00 €

Évaluation économique de la biodiversite Methods and Examples for Temperate Forests

Elodie Brahic, Jean Philippe Terreaux

Book 30,00 €

Agricultures du Sud, forêts tropicales, effet de serre New Challenges for Agricultural Research

Book 10,10 €

Les instruments économiques de la forêt tropicale Le cas de l'Afrique centrale

Alain Karsenty

eBook 8,99 €

Bois des DOM-TOM T3 Vol. 3: New Caledonia


Book 51,00 €

Protection phytosanitaire Technical guide of the French Mediterranean forest manager. Chapter 5

Christian Barthod, Jean-François Abgrall, Alain Soutrenon

eBook 18,99 €

La scie à ruban Theory and Practice of Log Sawing

Christian Sales

eBook 21,99 €

Bois des DOM-TOM T1 Guyane Vol. 1: French Guiana


eBook 4,99 €

Sciages avives tropicaux africains Rules of Classification


Book 19,30 €