Muhiddin Makhmudov

About author

Professor Muhiddin Makhmudov is a pasture specialist with some 42 years of research and development work at the Karakul Sheep Research and Desert Ecology Institute (Samarkand). He presented his doctor’s thesis in 1998 and has produced some 123 scientific papers. He selected and implemented the use of three useful and much used desert fodder plants. His scientific interests and activities cover arid fodder production including introduction, selection and reseeding using desert fodder plants, range improvement and advanced technology on the irrigated production of fodder plants. In 2000, the International Academy of Science of Ecology and Safety of the United Nations elected him an academician. Since 1997, he has been involved in several range and fodder production projects and collaboration with ICARDA, IFAD and the US Department of Agriculture. For the last 12 years, he has been leading the national scientific projects for the arid zones at the Karakul Sheep Research Institute. 

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