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Analyse des composés organostanniques dans l'eau de mer

by Pierre Michel (writer), Bernard Averty (writer)
december 2004
160 x 240 format 28 pages In stock
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Organotin compounds in sea water are toxic in concentrations around 1 ng.l-1. Analyzing them in the marine environment is only of interest if such low concentrations can be evaluated correctly. Full compliance with the method described here makes it possible to achieve this goal. The method uses the technique of organotin compound derivatization with sodium tetraethylborate to prepare volatile derivatives which are then extracted and analyzed by gas chromatography with a tin-specific detector. The equipment, reagents, procedures and analytical performances are described here. Some information on French coastal monitoring provides comparison of the results in a more general context.

Language(s): French

Publisher: Ifremer

Co-publisher: MEDD

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Méthodes d'analyse en milieu marin

Published: 1 december 2004

Reference Booklet: MA0203

EAN13 Booklet: 9782844331083

Format (in mm) Booklet: 160 x 240

Pages count Booklet: 28

Weight (in grammes): 85 (Booklet)