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Les illustrations entomologiques

by Rémi Coutin (writer), Alain Fraval (writer), Jacques D'Aguilar (writer), Robert Guilbot (writer), Claire Villemant (writer)
Collection: Hors Collection
january 1996
eBook [ePub]
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4,99 €
eBook [PDF]
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This book, half way between science and art, is comprised of a hundred insect drawings, chosen mainly from INRA artists' works. The insect's scientific name is given on each plate and at the end of the book a more complete key offers information on the identity of the specimen, the drawing technics used and the author's name. Collection pieces in themselves, these plates compile an album dedicated to those who appreciate beauty, to scholars (entomologists, zoologists and naturalists) and also quite simply to the curious-minded.

deJeanDorst 7
Regards sur le dessin
par Alain Fraval 9
Entomologie et illustrateurs, essai historique
par Jacques d'Aguilar 15
Le dessin des insectes
par Rémi Coutin, Alain Fraval et Claire Villemant 29
Planches 1 à 88 (en noir) 39
I à XII (en couleur) 129
Légendes des illustrations en noir et en couleur 141
de Pierre Ferron 151
Index des auteurs d'illustrations 153

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Language(s): French

Publisher: Inra

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Hors Collection

Published: 1 january 1996

Reference eBook [ePub]: 01323EPB

Reference eBook [PDF]: 01323NUM

EAN13 eBook [ePub]: 9782759213177

EAN13 eBook [PDF]: 9782759204465

Interior: Two-colour

Pages count eBook [PDF]: 160

Size: 23 Mo (ePub), 22 Mo (PDF)