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Dosage du mercure total et du monométhylmercure dans les organismes et les sédiments marins

by Daniel Cossa (writer), Marina Coquery (writer), Khaled Nakhlé (writer), Didier Claisse (writer)
december 2004
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The sampling, the pre-treatment and the analysis of biota and sediment samples are described. The total mercury is determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometry after a dry ashing of the sample and a preconcentration step of elemental mercury on a gold trap. This rapid semi-automatic method is used in the French Mussel Watch Program (RNO) since 1997. For a 20 mg sample the detection limit is 0.007 ng.mg-1 (dry weight) and the reproductibility 7 %. The monomethylmercury determination technique consists of an isolation step by ethylation and chromatography and a quantification step by atomic fluorescence spectroscopy. For a 20 mg sample, the detection limit and the reproductibility are 0.004 ng.mg-1 (dry weight) and 10 %, respectively.

Spéciation du mercure dissous dans les eaux marines Determination of Total, Gaseous and Reactive Mercury, Monomethylmercury and Dimethylmercury

Booklet 10,10 €

Bernard Averty, Daniel Cossa, Jane Bretaudeau, Anne-Sophie Sénard

Language(s): French

Publisher: Ifremer

Co-publisher: MEDD

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Méthodes d'analyse en milieu marin

Published: 1 december 2004

Reference Booklet: MA0202

EAN13 Booklet: 9782844331052

Format (in mm) Booklet: 160 x 240

Pages count Booklet: 28

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