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Conceptual approach to the study of snow

by Maurice Meunier (writer), Christophe Ancey (writer), Didier Richard (writer), Rd. Chadwick (translation)
december 2005
160 x 240 format 262 pages In stock
13,90 €

This book explores a new conceptual approach, closer to hydrology than hydraulics, which relies solely and rigorously on field data from the avalanche path studied. This approach is clarified and compared with both the deterministic and statistical approaches. The authors' past and current research implementing this approach is presented: analysis of the bulk rheology of certain avalanches, the elaboration of new conceptual models validated by comparison with field data, and a methodology for determining extreme events by extrapolating the knowledge garnered from past events.

Chapter 1


The three approaches to the engineering study of avalanches

Chapter 2


Snowfall hydrology


Chapter 3


Obtaining Avalanche Triggering Probability


Chapter 4


Estimating Bulk Rheology of Snow Avalanches from Field Data

Chapter 5


Development of Conceptual Snow Avalanche Models


Chapter 6


Tests of Avalanche Routing Conceptual Models against Field Data

Chapter 7


Random Variables and Probability Distributions


Chapter 8


Bridges with Practical Engineering


Chapter 9


Extrapolation to Extreme Events


Chapter 10


Prospects and Beyond




Results of fitting two conceptual models to fifteen avalanches with

known velocity profiles

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Language(s): English

Publisher: Irstea

Co-publishers: Cirad, Ifremer, Inra

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Update Sciences & technologies

Published: 1 december 2005

Reference Book: CF6547

EAN13 Book: 9782853626545

Format (in mm) Book: 160 x 240

Pages count Book: 262

Weight (in grammes): 530 (Book)