Treatment of wine production waste. Know-how and method for choosing a treatment

by Alain Desenne (writer), Francis Macary (writer), Bernard Monzié (writer), Philippe Mouquot (writer)
Collection: Hors Collection
april 2003
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Presented in the form of a slide show (136 slides), this CD-ROM provides the information necessary for the implementation of operations linked to the treatment of wine production waste. It discusses regulatory, financial and technical aspects from the point of view of individual actions as well as from a collective approach. This document is accessible to a broad readership: teachers and students, grape growers, those responsible for oenology and quality, company managers in the grape and wine production sector, technical environmental consultants from engineering departments, and managers of environmental matters in different services and agencies.

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Language(s): French

Publisher: Irstea

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Hors Collection

Published: 1 april 2003

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