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Grenouilles, crapauds & cie (Frogs, Toads & Co.)

The video

Françoise Serre-Collet presents her book Grenouilles, Crapauds et cie (Frogs, Toads & Co.) publisheb by éditions Quæ, intended for a large audience.

In the video, the author answers the following questions (in French) :

- Even if you have been studying anuras for a long time, did you find out new things about them ? 

- Where does your passion for amphibians come from ? What do you like the most about them ?

- What is your favorite species and why ?

- Why did you write this book ?

- Amphibians are an endangered species. What can we do to protect them ?

The book

This book presents the 27 species and hybrids of frogs, toads, tree frogs, etc. resident in France, giving an insight into their biology and their curious habits in over 300 magnificent photos taken in their natural environment. Discover the outstanding morphology and behavioural techniques which these amphibians use to eat, breathe, move, hide, help their offspring or optimize their chances of survival. Follow the various phases of their love lives, an astonishing saga that is at once both hilarious and tragic.