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La douleur n'est pas une fatalité ! (Pain is not inevitable! )

Odile Robert

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Au travers de portraits vivants, d’histoires vécues, ce livre décrit les multiples facettes de la douleur chronique. Il s’adresse à un large public auquel est envoyé un message d’optimisme et d’espoir : nous ne sommes plus seuls face à la douleur et il est possible en combinant les médicaments, les techniques de neurostimulation mais aussi les approches psycho-corporelles comme l’hypnose, la méditation, la relaxation, l’acupuncture et bien d’autres… d’apprivoiser sa douleur. 

Notre air est-il respirable ? (Is our air breathable ?)


This book answers the many questions asked about outdoor and indoor pollution. Out of cars, factories, agriculture, chimney fires, which is the biggest polluter? With what effects on our health as well as that of animals and plants? Practical suggestions for limiting one’s exposure to air pollution.

Grenouilles, crapauds et cie (Frogs, Toads & Co.)


This book presents the 27 species and hybrids of frogs, toads, tree frogs, etc. resident in France, giving an insight into their biology and their curious habits in over 300 magnificent photos taken in their natural environment. Discover the outstanding morphology and behavioural techniques which these amphibians use to eat, breathe, move, hide, help their offspring or optimize their chances of survival. Follow the various phases of their love lives, an astonishing saga that is at once both hilarious and tragic.

Through her patient observations, the author shares with us the unusual beauty of these creatures which represent symbols and beliefs.

Les sciences face aux créationnismes (Science versus Creationism )


La photosynthèse (Photosynthesis)


Photosynthesis is a complex phenomenon, involving both physical and biochemical mechanisms. This book sets out the two major phases in the process - luminous and metabolic. A glimpse of exchanges between plants and atmosphere also helps in understanding the role played by environmental factors in photosynthesis. This new edition takes stock of the latest scientific advances in this area.

Educational, very well illustrated and with an all-important index, this book is targeting university students, anyone sitting the Capes and teacher recruitment examinations and teachers in agriculture, pharmacy and biology.

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