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Vidéo Notre air est-il respirable ? (Is our air breathable ?)

The video

Lise Loumé presents her book Notre air est-il respirable ? (Is our air breathable ?) published by éditions Quæ and intended for a large audience.

In the video, the author answers the following questions (in French) :

- Are the risks created by the pollution are as significant as we think ?

- Which areas are the most polluted ? 

- What are the main pollutants and the main sources of pollution ? What are the risks for every individual ?

- What are the sources of pollution in our homes ? What can we do concretely to have a house with a cleaner air ?

- How can we protect ourselves and fight against pollution ? What initiatives can we set up ?

The book

This book answers the many questions asked about outdoor and indoor pollution. Out of cars, factories, agriculture, chimney fires, which is the biggest polluter? With what effects on our health as well as that of animals and plants? Practical suggestions for limiting one’s exposure to air pollution.