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Bergers du monde

Hardback book 15,00 €

Bernard Faye

Welfare of pigs From Birth to Slaughter

Hardback book 86,20 €

Planet Earth at the Heart of Science

Hardback book 29,50 €

Pommiers à cidre French Varieties

Hardback book 85,00 €

Jean Michel Boré, Jean Fleckinger

Invasions biologiques et extinctions 11 000 Years of the History of Vertebrates in France

Hardback book 34,50 €

Olivier Lorvelec, Jean-Denis Vigne, Michel Pascal

Water governance for sustainable Approaches and Lessons from Developing and Transitional Countries

Hardback book 75,10 €

Un amour d'orchidée Le mariage de la fleur et de l'insecte

Hardback book 51,50 €

Albert Roguenant, Aline Raynal-Roques, Yves Sell

Plant growth modeling and applications Proceedings - PMA03

Hardback book 40,60 €

Maladies des salades Identification, Knowledge and Control

Hardback book 40,60 €

Hervé Lot, Brigitte Maisonneuve, Dominique Blancard

Tropical plant breeding

Hardback book 85,20 €

Tropical Fruits The Compendium

Hardback book 23,30 €

Fabrice Le Bellec, Valérie Renard

Nutrition des ruminants domestiques Ingestion and Digestion

Hardback book 45,60 €