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The “Jardin des plantes” in Montpellier From Medicine to Botany

Hardback book 29,00 €

History of the Compass The Adventure of the Magnetised Needle

Hardback book 28,00 €

Pierre Juhel

Insect-plant Interactions

Hardback book 79,00 €

Life Under Ice An Oasis at the South Pole

Hardback book 23,00 €

Paul Tréguer, Laurent Chauvaud, Erwan Amice

A History of Botanical Gardens Between Science and Landscape Art

Hardback book 26,00 €

Yves-Marie Allain

Fishes of the Indian Ocean and Red Sea Second edition

Hardback book 52,00 €

Marc Taquet, Alain Diringer

Rivers and Rivals Les frontières de l'eau

Hardback book 29,50 €

Vazken Andréassian, Jean Margat

A History of Colonial Plants From Cocoa to Vanilla

Hardback book 26,40 €

Serge Volper

Les pêches méditerranéennes A Journey Through Tradition

Hardback book 15,00 €

Jean Monot

A la conquête des grands fonds Techniques d'étude de la géologie marine

Hardback book 15,00 €

Jacques Kornprobst, Christine Laverne

Lithops Jewels of the Veld

Hardback book 35,50 €

Steven Hammer

Une histoire des serres De l'orangerie au palais de cristal

Hardback book 26,40 € 7,92 € (-70%)

Yves-Marie Allain

Memento de l'agronome

Hardback book 44,60 €