Landscape: from Knowledge to Action

by Gail Wagman (translation), Martine Berlan-Darqué (editor), Daniel Terrasson (editor), Yves Luginbühl (editor), Mary Shaffer (translation)
august 2007
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This book is a collection of the contributions of researchers who have analysed examples of landscape actions, primarily in Europe, on the basis of actual experiences. It illustrates the diversity of situations and ideas found in Europe today and addresses the following issues: challenges facing landscape action, relationships between landscape and public space within the urban context, ideas underlying policy development and implementation and, finally, channels for public participation. It is intended for stakeholders involved in the implementation of landscape policy, as well as for students, teachers and researchers interested in the transfer of research results for the benefit of landscape action.



Section 1 - The landscape, between social and environmental issues

Chapter 1. Landscape, an interpretative framework for a reflexive society
Chapter 2. Should the effects of landscape changes on biodiversity be taken seriously?
Chapter 3. ‘Closing of the landscape’: beyond aesthetics, challenges facing open rural spaces
Chapter 4. Health, identity and sense of place: the importance of local landscapes
Chapter 5. Where does grandmother live? An experience through the landscape of Veneto’s ‘città diffusa’
Section 2 - Public spaces in the cityscape

Chapter 1. What role does plant landscape play in urban policy?
Chapter 2. Green cityscapes and social inclusion in three major metropolitan areas of Switzerland
Chapter 3. The public gardens in Biskra, Algeria: from elitist meeting place to no man’s land
Chapter 4. Mechanisms leading to the transformation of open space in the metropolitan region of Vienna, Austria: is there a need for a new management paradigm?
Section 3 - Landscape policies: from conception to implementation

Chapter 1. The implementation of the Landscape Atlas of Flanders in the integrated spatial planning policy
Chapter 2. History, time and change: managing landscape and perception
Chapter 3. From tree-lined banks to hedge landscapes: the dynamics underlying the ideas about the landscape that have inspired public policies
Chapter 4. New hedgerows in replanting programmes: assessment of their ecological quality and maintenance on farms
Chapter 5. A typology of intercommunal actions related to the landscape
Chapter 6. The mayors’ polyphonic discourse during a landscape intervention
Section 4 - Public participation in landscaping action

Chapter 1. From the landscape perception until landscaping action. How long is the way?
Chapter 2. The incorporation of public participation processes in three landscape planning projects in the Murcia region of Spain
Chapter 3. Landscape at the crossroads of local development choices: What knowledge for which issues? Which tools for action?
Chapter 4. Landscape: a window of opportunity for regional governance? Landscape scenario workshops as a participatory planning tool


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