Singular lands

Fifteen remarkable places across the world

by Martial Caroff (writer)
Collection: Beaux livres
june 2017
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Do singular, strange or unknown lands still exist? The American canyons, Iceland, the Apennine Mountains from behind the clouds, Nazca, the Sultanate of Oman, Santorin, Transylvania, Yellowstone and so on. This book lists a selection of international geological sites, some of them famous, others more unexpected, all surprising, which illustrate the main specialities of Earth sciences.



Santorin (Grèce)

Bryce Canyon (Utah, États-Unis)

La Haute-Provence (France)

McMurdo (Antarctique)

Zagora (Maroc)

Reykjanes/Þingvellir (Islande)

Le Pilbara (Australie-Occidentale)

Oman (sultanat d’)

Les Montes Apenninus (Lune)

Vredefort (État-Libre, Afrique du Sud)

Les Pierres Jaumâtres (Creuse, France)

Yellowstone (Wyoming, États-Unis)

Nazca (Pérou)

Haţeg (Roumanie)

Les Gambier (Polynésie française)



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