50 false ideas about snakes

Collection: Idées fausses
march 2024
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On the list of unpopular animals, snakes are high! The fear and fascination they inspire always aroused superstitions and still create rumors on Internet: snakes would hypnotize their preys, snakes would suckle cows, ecologists would have dropped boxes of  vipers from helicopters, flesh and alcohols of venomous snakes would be miracle cures, etc.
Such false beliefs unfortunately justify snakes’ slaughter. But gradually, minds evolve to believe that the place of these animals is important in our world. In France, Vipera aspis and Vipera berus started to be part of the integrally protected ophidians.
Françoise Serre Collet gathered in this book 50 fake ideas made about snakes, that she demystifies thanks to clear and accessible scientific explanations. For our cultural curiosity, not only she collected legends that harm snakes, but also myths where they play a beautiful role. Through almost 200 pictures, she introduces us to their biological, behavioral singularities, and the variety of their outstanding species.

Read the foreword (Allain Bougrain Dubourg)

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1 Snakes are cold

2 Snakes do not have a skeleton

3 Snakes that measure more than 40 meters

4 Snake of glass, that breaks and multiplies

5 Snakes let themselves fall from trees

6 Snakes do a cartwheel to roll down a slope

7 Snakes run after you standing on their tail

8 Ecologists drop boxes of vipers from helicopter

9 Vipers go out in extreme heat

10 A viper is recognizable by the « V » on its triangular head

11 Water aspic hides to bite you

12 Vipers invaded Corsica

13 Martinique is infested of venomous snakes

14 Water snakes make boats sink

15 Sea snakes in the West Indies

16 A snake drawn to the fire

17 A green lizard forewarning of vipers

18 Snakes like music and dance on rhythm

19 Their tongue inject venom

20 Snakes are slimy

21 A newborn-snake lack scales

22 To keep a snake in a small terrarium prevents it from growing

23 To place a rattlesnake in a guitar makes beautiful music

24 Red vipers and black vipers are the most dangerous

25 Coral snake: if the red touches the green, warning!

26 Throw a snake in the fire and it’ll grow paws

27 Knot of vipers= curse

28 Vipers climb trees to give birth

29 To be born, baby vipers eviscerate their mother

30 From an old rooster’s egg is born a basilic

31 Vipers bite brambles to sharpen their teeth

32 Snakes sting

33 Snakes are poisonous animals

34 Sea snakes can only bite between the fingers

35 « Instant death snakes » can kill a human in a minute

36 To kill a viper, you only need to steal their venom

37 It is an aspic that caused Cleopatra’s death

38 If you cut a viper’s head, it doesn’t die

39 In case of a snake’s bite, you have to make a tourniquet, inhale/suck up?, burn

40 Snakes suckle cows

41 Snakes hypnotize their preys

42 Snakes swallow elephants

43 Snakes that eat humans

44 Snakes starve to better devour you

45 Constrictor snakes suffocate their victims

46 Breeders give live kittens to their snakes

47 Snakes swallow their babies if they are believed to be threatened

48 Mammals do not eat poisonous snakes

49 Cobras have a magic stone in their hood

50 Flesh and alcohol of poisonous snakes are miracle cures






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Collection: Idées fausses

Published: 7 march 2024

First publishing date: 28 february 2019

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