Élevage de la vache laitière en zone tropicale

by Christian Meyer (editorial coordination), Jean-Pierre Denis (editorial coordination)
Collection: Techniques
january 1999
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The success of dairy cattle rearing in the tropics depends on analysing and mastering the many aspects of production. This work describes milk production worldwide, and in the tropics in particular, sets out the main principles of dairy cattle rearing, gives a reminder of teat anatomy, studies milk production mechanisms and lactation and summarizes current technical knowledge of reproduction, herd health and animal stalling. Lastly, it discusses herd management and herd monitoring, from setting up a farm to milk and dairy product processing and marketing.

La production et le commerce du lait et des produits laitiers
L'organisation de la filière laitière
Principes généraux de l'intensification
Mamelle, lait et lactation
Alimentation de la vache laitière
Santé du troupeau
Logement des animaux
Création d'une exploitation
Conduite du troupeau
Gestion de l'exploitation
Transformation et exploitation du lait
Commercialisation du lait et des produits laitiers

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Language(s): French

Publisher: Cirad

Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Techniques

Published: 1 january 1999

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