Microscopie des plantes consommées par les animaux

by Joselyne Rech (writer)
Collection: Guide pratique
may 2011
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This guide suggests an original method of identifying plants ingested by animals. The author presents a method of observing fragments of a plant (leaf, seed, fruit, husk), unrecognisable with the naked eye or a magnifying glass, which are found in dung, the digestive contents of animals or commodities reduced to meal when manufacturing feed.
Identifying a plant species ingested by livestock, its potential toxicity for human food and animal feed its traceability in industrial food products are all applications and issues of this new approach.
The work includes a precise description and encoding of each characteristic observed. This is illustrated systematically for easy identification. The book features more than 150 pen and ink drawings by the author.




Les angiospermes dicotylédones

Angiospermes monocotylédones

Ptéridophytes et gymnospermes

Graines et fruits (akènes, caryopses)

Ecorces d'arbres et d'arbustes

Annexe - Principaux signes cliniques observés chez les animaux

Références bibliographiques

Liste des illustrations

Index des plantes citées

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Edition: 1st edition

Collection: Guide pratique

Published: 16 may 2011

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